Fairs Constructions and Settings


The first contact is the most important and it can be done only once!

Proevent is Slovenia’s leading company in the field of fair constructions and exhibition stands and a number of testimonials and approbation from our clients. Throughout the years of our activity, collaborations on several home and foreign fairs, a number of projects with different clients, and their correlative analysis and research we came to the conclusion that: the first contact is the most important and it can be done only once!

Additional information:

e-mail: tim.trojar-vidmar@proevent.si
phone: 01 300 32 18

Different fair and other constructions

For this exact reason it is important that the first contact is fully planned and made unforgettable. Proevent can set up different fair and other constructions and measures from different settings:

Surprise, amaze, persuade!

Amaze the visitors, competitors, and other exhibitors at the fairgrounds with a creative and thoughtful fair construction. Be noticeable and stand out from the average, monotonous and visitor-unfriendly exhibition spaces. You will be surprised by the response and the effect that your personnel will achieve at the fairgrounds.

From idea to performance

At the setting up of fair constructions we take care of the whole fair organization which includes:

  • consulting on the image of your exhibition space,
  • consulting on the material choice (Octanorm, Meroform, Maxima, carpentry etc.), on additional equipment and its arrangement in the exhibition space,
  • the provision of required graphic elements,
  • the cleaning of exhibition space during the setting up, the event and the dismantlement, transportation, and other individual needs.

The next step in the preparations for a fair exhibition is obvious: contact us and make sure we are right!

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