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Our company's mission are the people!

Our company Proevent d.o.o. was founded in 1994. In more than 20 years of its activity it has grown from a leading company in installation and equipment rental for fair constructions in Slovenia to a company with a long-term vision – from idea to performance. In 2006 we extended our prime activity into the organization of all sorts of events and fairs, which have to this day become recognizable brand names. We believe that quality services can be provided by creating a sustainable environment. For more information about our sustainable policy click here.

We are led by the wish of supporting sustainable and responsible society projects, sustainable purchase, exchange, and sustainable tourism. This leads to high-quality products and genuine experience and, at the same time, educates and gives a bigger quality of everyday life. We encourage employees and our customers to sustainability, reducing negative impacts on our environment, we are moving towards principles and values that are written in our sustainable policy.

Our main activities are

Fairs Constructions: setting up exhibition stands and constructions for fair events, congresses, sociable and other events in Slovenia and abroad, and a full technical service;

Events Equipment Rental: rental of equipment for fairs, congresses, conferences, concerts, seminars, competitions, New Years Eve parties etc.;

Events and Fairs Organization: organization of prior events, foramtion, counselling, preparations and realization of public and custom private events.

The company employs 25 people, experts in various fields.


We are a company, beleiving in strong values:



We beleive in long-term creation and strenght of Slovenian and foreign economy, ensuring permanent development of the society;



We act responsivelly with a quality and whole approach at each field of activity - from the idea to the realization of our events;



Our customers are our partners, our visitors are our opinion leaders – we listen to them, we learn from them and we cooperate with the environment in which we act;



Our people are our future, that is why they contribute to an excellent business by exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences.

Company's Vision

  • preserve the leading point both in organizing our own fairs and fair engineering;
  • become the biggest company in organization of custom made events in Slovenia;
  • become the biggest company in giving consultancy at fairs constructions;
  • cooperate with the environment in which we are active;
  • optimize all working processes;
  • employ people with versatile knowledge and experience, and reach a full contentment off our emloyees by giving them a stimulating working experience.

Company's Mission

Our mission interests people at large. That is why we want to prepare events, which will bring them a new set of ideas on how to spend their time in quality. We give them educational, cultural, healthy and quality information. By this we also enlarge the slovenian and european economy, education, culture etc.

By guaranteeing a complete technical support, we want to assist in the preparations for particular events and create a pleasant, warm and friendly event atmosphere. Our goal is to develop events of the highest quality and locate them properly in the international arena.

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